DevMco and 4Portals Group Partner to provide a ‘Contactless Access control Solution’ for Access to Gold Coast Estate in Sibaya

DevMco and 4Portals Group Partner to provide a ‘Contactless Access control Solution’ for Access to Gold Coast Estate in Sibaya and in so doing, become the first gated estate to implement this solution, which will play a massive role in reducing and eliminating contact
6 May 2020
4Portals Group is proud to partner with DevMCo, to supply their solution to Gold Coast Estate, an upmarket, Gated Estate in the Sibaya area of KZN. https://goldcoastestate.co.za/
Stuart Meyer, development director for DevMCo, https://devmcogroup.co.za/ , decided that it was imperative that the estate implement world class technology and access control solutions, to align with the profile of the estate and its residents. The intention being to try to maximise security but at the same time minimize friction and contact for residents, visitors and contractors alike.
Gold Coast has appointed 4Traders, a subsidiary of the 4Portals Group, who are market leaders in developing online, Cloud Based Solutions, leveraging the latest in technology trends for their clients, who include Gated Estates, Residential Communities and Business Chambers amongst others.
Gold Coast are using Wave Readers, https://www.idemia.com/morphowave-compact for onboarding of all those who need to access the estate, which means there is absolutely NO contact when people need to sign up to access the estate or when they physically need to access the estate. Additionally, these readers are super quick, and scan the fingerprints in a couple of seconds, as opposed to a few minutes per person. This means reduced queues and crowds gathering at the access gates, which typically happens with the touch Based Biometric Readers.
4Traders, then complements these readers, by offering a completely online solution to apply for access to the estate, with all company and employee forms being uploaded remotely and submitted online to Gold Coast. The added advantage of this as that when a contractor needs to access another estate that uses the 4Traders solution, they simply select that estate and dates of access and submit, no recapturing of documents is necessary. This translates in a huge cost and time savings for the contractors and the estate, as the estate also does not need to capture or handle any documents.
Covid-19 – 4Traders also now offers Gold Coast the ability to seamlessly record daily temperature checks and any comments, which can then be archived for when the local authorities may want to check on anything. As everything is online, it is easy for whoever may need to access this kind of information and has permission to do so, to simply log in in and view these records.

Please click on this link to find out more about the Covid-19 Solution for Access to gated estates and other restricted area sites

4Traders – Covid Flyer

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