About 4Traders

The 4Traders website was conceived to fill the need for an improved method for homeowners in estates and suburbs to find and assess trusted traders to perform contract work for them.

As initiators and co-founders of privateproperty.co.za, one of South Africa's busiest property websites, we have gained experience over many years in providing online services to assist existing and potential home owners in various capacities.

Having personally experienced numerous problems ranging from limited trader selection to poor workmanship issues, we have established this website to address the problems the average person experiences looking for reliable contractors when building a new home or improving their existing home.

With the 4traders portal, residents are able to easily search for contractors and add reviews for work carried out. Ultimately, over time there will be a comprehensive review repository of all contractors working in these areas, giving residents, builders and others the ability to make informed decisions about whom to appoint.

An automated quote request system, amongst other features, reduces the administration and difficulties associated with contacting selected contractors and manually requesting quotes.

4Traders also provides gated estate management and neighbourhood watch groups with comprehensive reporting options to assist in maintaining an up-to-date database of contractors working in each estate or suburban areas.

The 4Traders portal is successfully running in a number of leading gated estates in South Africa and can be directly integrated to these estates Access Control Systems, thereby eliminating the current manual application process and saving both estates and contractors time and money.

4Traders will continue evolve to also serve the needs of Commercial, Industrial and Retail Property as well as Property Management companies.