About 4Traders

4Traders' Core function is a Cloud-based Contractor Management Solution for all restricted area sites:

How it Works

4Traders has been designed and built over many years, with inputs from owners and managers of gated estates, as well as large commercial and industrial sites and the largest bank in Africa. It has been designed to remove all the tedious and repetitive and largely manual administrative functions that are required by contractors to access these restricted sites.

The over-arching goal is to save both these sites as well as the contractors, time and money and to drastically improve the processes and efficiencies by allowing contractors to remotely capture and manage all their administrative requirements and to only ever have to capture these details once into 4Traders.

Who it Benefits

4Traders benefits all parties that either live and/or work in these restricted sites:

Residents of estates, complexes and apartments - can easily find, local contractors and suppliers that regularly work in their sites. They can easily request quotes and jobs and rate these contractors once the job has been completed. They can also issue access requests electronically and in so doing, save the estates and contractors time and admin, which is typically associated with the current manual processes of accessing a site

Estate, complex and apartment admin and management – As the contractors capture and manage everything remotely, there is no need for these sites to capture all this information at the site, which is typically how it works in a non 4Traders environment

Commercial, Industrial and Retail Sites – Also benefit massively from not having to manually capture and administer the contractor forms and employee details, as everything is processed electronically

Property Management companies, large retailers and banks – Again, the current methods require everything to be processed manually at the site, which is costly and time consuming and inevitably leads to delays and bottlenecks at the access gates

Contractors and suppliers – Arguably benefit the most from using 4Traders, as they only every need to capture their company records and details ONCE and can then apply online, in advance for access to multiple sites, be they residential, or commercial, industrial or retail.

The contractors that have been regularly exposed to the 4Traders platform, have typically saved themselves time, money and increased their productivity by not getting held up at the access gates, which leads to a significant opportunity cost as in the world of a contractor, time is money!

Contractors are also now able to easily and affordably promote their businesses to residents via a listing in the resident app.