Contractor Access to Gated Estates, Commercial, Industrial Parks and Retail Property (Restricted Sites)

Currently traders are faced with the onerous, time consuming and repetitive challenge of having to physically go to each site and complete a similar manual form and create a set of Biometrics for each employee at each restricted site.

Apart from the logistical nightmare, there is also the cost of lost productivity and downtime, which has a major, negative impact on any business that regularly has to work in restricted access sites.

Similarly, these restricted areas such as gated estates and C&I Property have to also employ staff, who are dedicated to managing and administering this process, which apart from the cost, also creates major logistical challenges, as contractors just arrive on site, with little or no pre-warning or planning.

Single Biometric Profile for all Contractors employees on 4Traders

4Traders has create the concept of a ‘Master Electronic Profile of Contractor’s company and all employees’.

Employee records only ever need to be onboarded once. Thereafter, they can be reused across multiple sites, be they Residential, Commercial or Industrial (C&I) Estates where the 4Traders platform has been implemented and directly integrated with the Access Control System. The process works as follows:

Additional Contractor Benefits:

Contractors and suppliers would like to advertise their services directly to residents of gated estates and other entities but currently cannot do this, certainly not in a targeted manner. 4Traders now offers the ideal platform to facilitate this. Benefits include:

 Example of listing with Rating/reviews and Job Request options:


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