How to subscribe to 4Traders?

How to do a subscription

How to load specials & discounts

How to create specials

Employee Category

I am struggling adding my employee's ID number

The system defaults to RSA when adding employees. All South African ID holders will have a 13 number ID. If your employee is not a South African ID holder, please change the nationality and you will be able to enter the ID.

How to upload foreign national employees

adding employees

How do I find local employees for my project

Your 4Tradesr account is connected to a 4Opportunities which is a local job portals for Domestic workers, Traders People, Interns and teh recently unemployed people in your community. You can interact with candidates and find candidates that fall under social facilitation management and approved by the local councilor or facilitator.


How to set my employee locations so I can do an access request

When you see a red button next to your employee’s name, that employees is blocked for a reason. This could be that the employees has been banned by the estate of simply needs to have his home location set. The comment box will tell you exactly the reason. Let’s say he has been blocked due to not having his location set. Then follow the process. Click add edit employee, then click location icon and place pin at nearest location.

How to post a job and find local employees

•4Traders gives you a free employment portals to post jobs, manage candidates, search for candidates all within and easy manageable geolocation around your work place.

•Find Vetted Employees near you.

General Questions

How do I contact 4Traders?

You can contact us via email, phone or using our live chat support.


4Traders Estates or Restricted Sites queries – paul@4traders.co.za

4Traders, trader (contractors and suppliers) queries – nikita@4portals.co.za or info@4traders.co.za

General admin queries – admin@4Traders.co.za

General sales queries – sales@4Traders.co.za


Please phone us at 062 213 8753

Live support chat:

Please start a chat with our friendly support agent using the chat function at the bottom right of the Home page.

Check if I am already registered

It is important to checkif you are already registered to avoid dual listings and errors on your profile. To check if you are already registered, scroll down on the home page and click on CHECK IF YOU ARE ALREADY LISTED.

Enter your company's name and click DISPLAY.

How do I sign up to be a registered trader?

Go to the home page and select REGISTER AND SIGN UP AS A TRADER → Estates that want to manage their own staff also sign up as a Trader, but select Internal Services Internal Maintenance as trader type.

If you require access to an estate you will still need to sign up for access after having registered on 4 Traders.

How to add / edit my listing?

When initially signing up you need to complete the Sign Up form. It is important to complete the form correctly in as much detail as possible because your account will also be linked to the Residents App and the more relevant information you supply the better your listing will appear. The last two blocks also pull into your Digital Shop Front so it is important to add relevant information.

If you have already registered and want to edit your profile you can log into your account and click on EDIT MY LISTING

How do I upload my logo and image sizes and formats?

You should upload your company's logo in the Sign Up form. The image should preferably be rectangular and the file has to be less than 1 MB. You can upload JPG, PNG and GIF file formats.

Selecting trader types – primary and secondary

On the Sign Up form select what type of trade your business primarily does. If you are involved in more than one business eg. plumber & electrician you can add your secondary business type in the field below the image uploader.

Primary and Secondary contacts

The primary contact's details will be displayed on your listing while we will keep the secondary contact's details on file in case we need to make contact and cannot reach the primary contact.

What is a Digital Shopfront

Public Folder docs and images can be added to in a single place along with Brochures on Specials. These get categorised and displayed on a single compact webpage that the customers can get more detail on the business from a single structured page.

How to upload employees and do an access request

Uploading Company and other documents

To upload company documents to the vault, log into 4 Traders and select ID IMAGES, COMPANY DOCUMENT VAULT & SHOP FRONT

Click on Company Documents and then select the file type that you are uploading (registration documents, workman's compensation etc). Now click CHOOSE FILE, select the file that you want to upload from a folder on your PC. Once you have selected a file it will automatically upload. 

Files can be Word documents, PDF's or images up to 2 MB.

Selecting Advertising or Access Control Packages

Once registered you can choose which advertising and / or access control packages you want to sign up to. To select the package, log into 4 Traders and click  SELECT YOUR ACCESS CONTROL / ADVERTISING PACKAGE.

Each trader receives one free listing in an area they choose. After selecting a free area for your listing, scroll down to the list of estates and select an advertising or access package in the estate of your choice.

Thereafter click on ACTIVATE LISTINGS and proceed to the payments page.

How to pay and payment options

You can pay via credit card.

Once you have selected your package you can click on ACTIVATE LISTINGS.

The next page will display the listings that you have selected. If correct, click on PAY NOW.

You will now be directed to the page of the payment settlement provider. Enter your card details and click on pay. Your payment will be processed and your listing activated. 

How and when to apply for Access to an Estate

4 Traders supply access control services to various estates nationwide. If you require access to one of these estates you will firstly need to register and sign up for a basic access package. Once you have registered and signed up, you will need to apply for access to the estates subscribed to. This can be done by clicking on APPLY FOR ACCESS TO SELECTED ESTATES.

Now you can complete the security pre-clearance form and request access for employees whose details have been captured on the system. Please note that an access request needs to be made every time any new or additional employees need to access and estate.

What is a Trader

Traders are service providers being contractors and suppliers.

Can I register for once-off access to an estate instead of subscribing?

If you don't regularly work in a specific estate and only require one-off access, you can obtain short-term access without subscribing. You can do this by using our REQUEST ONE-OFF ESTATE ACCESS function:

  1. Once you have signed up to 4Traders as a Trader, you need to select the ‘Request One Off Access to An Estate
  2. You will then select the Advertising Package, which includes Ad Hoc Access to an Estate or Site
  3. This will allow your company access for up to 14 dates, which includes unlimited employees and drivers
  4. Once you have paid, you will receive a voucher, which can be re-used for up to 14 days
  5. This package also includes an Advert in the Estate Resident App
  6. For Access beyond 14 days, please select the Basic Access Package

About 4 Traders

What is 4Traders

4Traders Contractor Management

4Traders was developed as a hosted solution to:

  • Provide Contractors and Suppliers with a feature rich platform where they can advertise their services and manage their employee workforce.
  • Provide Gated Communities with a Portal to manage functions around Contractor Management, both internal and external. Although 4Traders can work as a standalone Contractor Portal and covers many of the functions for Gate Estate Management it is best used as an integrated Eco System.
  • Provide an Eco system for:
    • Customers looking for services
    • Contractors and Suppliers to show case products and services
    • Contractors to store commonly requested documents for themselves and their staff
    • Laborers to be vetted and found by contractors


4Traders is easily integrated into Estate / Visitor Management platforms and is used as the contractor management module. Likewise 4traders has a security module that allows it to integrate into the Estates Access control system.


What makes 4Trader different from other listing services?

Listing services is just one of the functions of 4Trades. 4traders has been built to encompass the more stringent requirements of restricted access areas, along with the additional need of the contractor to manage their staff and company records. Further to this 4Trader is integrated into a larger eco system from Estate Management systems, access control systems, Compliance bodies and digital government system all to aid the Traders better position themselves in a touch competitive environment.

Who uses 4Traders

4Traders is used by the:

  • Resident via the esident App to find Contractors and Suppliers
  •  Estate or Gated site managers to control the Contractors and staff within the gated area
  • Contractors to manage own staff and staff documents. 
  • Contractors and Suppliers to Advertise in areas or gated commnities 


Looking for local Domestic Help

4Traders is directly linked to 4Opportunities which is a free to use job portal to find local employees. You can also find candidates that are vetted by the the local councilor or the social facilitator.

You can post new opportunities, manage applicants and your selected candidate all in system.

Signing up as a Resident and benefits

There The resident menu allows residents to sign up and give some additional information about themselves. Depending on the community preferences this information can be used by the Precinct Management Team to find in a geozone:

•Residents that have needs – looking for: pool cars, care, places of worship etc

•Resident will to form part of action group: Teaching, caring, security, cooking, wildlife etc

•Then there are services that can be offered at a fee to the community such as Paramedic etc


There is a keyword search engine that allows the Management team to find peole who can help in emergencies or a resident search function that allows resident to find other resident with similar interests.


Why does my precinct want resident to approve access request

The normal gated community with a access gate and access control system, it is normal for the esate to do the access request approvals. However in communities that are not gated then that function is done by the resident. The resident is always responsible as to who they allow onto site.

The benefits of doing the approval is:

  • Contractors need to load all employees with ID copies and names into the system
  • Contractors sometimes use illigal staff which is a security threat. You can approve down to individual
  • You always aware of who is on your site. you can reject suspect shady characters
  • You can change the dates and send messages to the contractors 

how do I find contractors and suppliers

4Traders listings are accessable from with the 4Community Super App, in the Estate app and directly from the website.

Searches can be done by:

  • using a structed category and region search
  • using a keyword search 
  • using specials and discount searches

Access Request, tags and codes

How to use print permits

Permits are only prinatble for Estates, precincts or communities that use access permits. Access permits are used for short term use such as deliveries or long term use such as a contractor working on site.

Visitor codes are access permits created by the resident for their guests.

All permist can be stored electronically on the phone or printed. Most Estate want to see the printed version for all staff.

The permist has two barcodes the first holds teh information of the permit holder and may be scanned by the gate gaurd. the second holds an electronic tag that will give direct entry to teh esate if scanned at an access gate.


Why cant I make access requests for some employees

This may be due to missing records as require by the Estate or perhaps the employees has been blocked by the Estate. 

Most Estate/Precinct have a registered Developer, Owner & Contractor Protocol, that governs the requirements around staff. Most Estates/Precincts adhere to a local community participation goal of 30% to 90% and government sites are normally 30%.

4traders provides the mechanism through which these commitments can be fully realized and achieved, and which is transparent, competitive and cost effective, involving and empowering surrounding communities and companies while at the same time creating an environment for contractors that is safe, structured and well regulated.

Red dots prevent me from making access request

The red docs behind the employees names is due to missing records required by the Estate / Precinct .  The explination can be found on clicking on the icon behind the name. This may be due to missing records as require by the Estate or perhaps the employees has been blocked by the Estate. 

Most Estate/Precinct have a registered Developer, Owner & Contractor Protocol, that governs the requirements around staff. Most Estates/Precincts adhere to a local community participation goal of 30% to 90% and government sites are normally 30%. There requiremenst need the missing information to be supplied.


Pre requirements needed before making an access request


Most Estate require that some manditory documents need to be added from the company perspective as well as informtion and location of employees.


4 Communities and Super App

How do I advertise in community app