4Portals Group Company Background

The 4Portals Group executive committee comprises a team of highly skilled Entrepreneurial Business Leaders, IT, Telecommunications and Online Professionals with collectively over a hundred years of ITC and Fin Tech experience. This team has led specialized global and local innovative engagements in both domains This experience has been gained both Internationally and in Sub Saharan African, with the last 15 years focusing primarily on the Southern African region. The team have also been instrumental in the establishment of several leading local start-ups, including the Private Property Portal.

Private Property: www.privateproperty.co.za


The 4Portals Group of Companies currently includes the following portals:

4Traders.co.za - A Market-Leading online portal for Local Service Providers and Suppliers to the Building and Home Improvements industry in South Africa. The provision of a holistic, gated estate solution is achieved by providing a managed service covering, business process optimization with integration into the various systems and organisations.

4Finserv.co.za - A specialised insurance portal, dedicated to serving the needs of our clients, across all of our portals, including residents of complexes, gated estates and neighbourhood watch groups and traders being contractors and suppliers. The financial services offered by 4Finserv will intuitively package many of the 4Traders service offerings to satisfy the different needs of our clients in a simple and seamless fashion.

4Developments.co.za - A leading Real Estate portal for the listing of Gated Estate Properties in South Africa. By leveraging the latest in online and virtual technology, the portal allows developers to sell their developments directly to end users.

4Smarthomes.co.za – A portal Industry 4.0 company which offers a complete solution for the design, equipment supply, installation and support for everything required in a Smart Home, Smart Construction Site and Smart Gated Community. This portal also includes the provisioning of Build Cams which enable real time monitoring of a smart construction site from any location. Smart meter reading and analytics solution enable gated communities to be better managed.

4Youths.co.za – A portal dedicated to the empowering of previously disadvantaged youths in South Africa, with the specific purpose of aligning the development of skills that will be associated with current market demands, using a real time analytics engine that will dynamically match youths to jobs. The alignment of jobs with the ongoing skills development is aimed to move the artisan through the states to become a fully operational SME.

Going forward, the company has plans to leverage the “4” brand and trademark to establish additional portals, including ones dedicated to private real estate rentals and sales amongst others.